Celebrations from the end of August to the end of October

According to ancient custom, the reaping of the harvest in October is something to celebrate. Harvest festival includes a ceremonial procession with ornately decorated harvest crowns. Another tradition are the handcrafts, which can be admired in many places at various festivals during harvest festival season. Ever made wooden shingles, done quill embroidery, or made decorative wreaths for the traditional driving down of cattle from the pastures? If not, join us and give it a try!

Harvest festival is celebrated during harvest season with over 2,000 events throughout Salzburg. Tradition, customs and old crafts are once again brought back to life.

Harvest festival is a cultural tradition

Hike from hill farm to hill farm and experience a lively cattle drive festival. Or you can ride along Salzburg's bike paths to the many sites of harvest festival celebrations and the farmers' markets. After a happy summer up on the high pastures, at the end of September the cattle are festively adorned with flowers and led home to the farm. Here, they will be greeted by singing, music, and dancing! Folk customs, music, and dance (inl. "Schuhplatteln") are all part of the festivities.
There are also plenty of culinary treats, such as doughnut holes, mutton, and roast. The whole village will be there. Get caught up in the merriment and celebrate along with everyone else!