1. Consideration for others

Skiers and snowboarders must constantly behave in a manner, which can neither endanger or injure others.

2. Control of speed and style

Skiers and snowboarders must adjust their speed and style to their abilities, the terrain and the weather conditions.

3. Choice of line

Skiers and snowboarders coming from behind must select a line, which does not endanger those in front.

4. Overtaking

Overtaking is allowed from above or below and from right or left, but must always be at a distance which allows full freedom of movement to the person being overtaken.

5. Obligations of the lower or traversing skier or snowboarder

Those skiers or snowboarders wishing to enter the run, or cross the piste, must ensure that this is possible without endangering themselves or others, by checking both above and below. The same applies after every stop.

6. Stopping on the slopes

Skiers and snowboarders must avoid non-emergency stops at narrow or blind spots on a run. Fallers must clear such spots as quickly as possible.

7. Ascents

Ascending skiers and snowboarders must keep to the edge of the run and leave in bad visibility. The same applies to those ascending on foot.

8. Observing the signs

Skiers and snowboarders must observe the markings and signs on the slopes.

9. Behaviour in the case of accidents
All skiers and snowboarders are obliged to help in the case of an accident.

10. Obligatory identification in the case of accidents/Accident reporting
All persons, whether witnesses or those involved, whether responsible or not, must identify themselves in the case of an accident.