The Altachhof is perfectly suited for families with children:
There is plenty of room to play, a large playground, many other children, a large, fenced garden to run around in, animals to pet, and plenty of toys - inside as well as outside. We have high chairs and cribs available for free, so that you'll have more room left in your car.

Playground, playroom, munchkin room

Our large playground with slides, swings, and sand box is the meeting place for children, mom, dad, or grandma and grandpa... Our entire playground and playroom are safe and provide plenty of toys for young and old.

"Valley of games" in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Something special in the "valley of games"   for example, is the high ropes course in the recreational paradise at the valley head. A walk in the lofty heights of the Treetop Path is also tons of fun. Are you looking for a diverse summer vacation in Austria? A different kind of adventure hike: then the Treetop Path's for you.

For children, there is something special to discover at the source of the Saalach:  the Treetop Path. A secure walkway leads above the tree tops, 200 meters through the picturesque landscape. The locals have lovingly named it the "Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps". On the Treetop Path, the little ones can test their dexterity: on the mini high ropes course, you definitely can't be afraid of heights! Adults will also get their money's worth on the Treetop Path as well.

Other highlights are Montelino's adventure trail and Mount Kodok - an experience for the kids and parents, Devil's Water, Schnitza‘s wood park, the fairy-tale forest in Hinterglemm, and much more.