Change of validity

From 02/01/2022 there will be a shortened deadline for the Green Pass -
The Green Pass is only valid for six months for people who have been vaccinated twice.

After booster vaccinations, it is valid for nine months.

Mask compulsory NEW

In principle, FFP2 masks must be worn in all closed rooms
In cable cars and ski lifts, an FFP2 mask is required despite the 2-G proof requirement.
In restaurants you have to wear an FFP2 mask as soon as you leave the table. Children up to the age of 6 do not have to wear a mask.

NEW mask requirement outdoors - if a minimum distance of 2 meters is not given

From the 6th birthday to the 12th year of life you need a close-fitting mouth and nose mask and from the 12th birthday an FFP2 mask.

Entry into Austria from the 20.12.2021

Everyone else entering Austria needs to show

  • Proof of full vaccination (2 jabs) OR proof of past infection (the medical document needs to show the date of recovery – (for guests from the UK: an NHS email/text of a positive test is not sufficient) 
  • AND a negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours) OR proof of a booster jab (booster is valid from the first day) 
  • See further details below (What proof is accepted?


When you need a PCR test

Please find several scenarios below:

  • 2x vaccinated (or 1x vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson): PCR test mandatory
  • 3x vaccinated (or 1x vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson plus Booster): no PCR test needed
  • Recovered: PCR test mandatory*
  • Recovered, then 1x vaccinated: PCR test mandatory
  • Recovered, then 2x vaccinated: no PCR test needed
  • 1x vaccinated, then recovered: PCR test necessary*
  • 2x vaccinated (or 1x with Johnson & Johnson), then recovered: no PCR test needed

*) If you have recently recovered there is an alternative to the PCR test, please check section "What proof is accepted?"


Rules for children and teenagers

  • Children under the age of 12 do not need proof of vaccination/recovery or a PCR test if accompanied by fully vaccinated or recovered adults. 
  • Teenagers (12 or over and born on or after 1 September 2006) can use the first PCR test of their Holiday Ninja Pass to enter Austria. 
  • For teenagers born before 1 September 2006, the "2-G+" rule (proof of full vaccination/recovery AND PCR test OR booster) applies. 
  • Please be aware that for teenagers born before 1 September 2006 arriving from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark or Norway (virus variant countries) different rules apply from 25th December. They need to be fully vaccinated (2 jabs) AND have received the 3rd booster jab. They also need a negative PCR test (valid 48 hours) to enter Austria.

Further exceptions

  • Pregnant women and those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons can enter by showing a medical certificate AND a PCR test. 
  • Regular commuters can enter by showing proof of vaccination/recovery OR a PCR test (valid for 72 hours) OR a lateral flow test (valid for 24 hours).


Entry without PCR test or booster jab

  • You need to show proof of full vaccination/recovery. 
  • You immediately have to self-isolate until you can show a negative PCR test (the test can be taken straight at the airport or at any other test site) 

Entry without vaccination / recovery

  • Entry for touristic purposes or business travel is not possible if you cannot meet the “2-G” requirements. 
  • Austrian and EU citizens and those with a residency in Austria can still enter but immediately have to self-isolate for 10 days. The quarantine can be ended with a negative test on the 5th day. 

What proof is accepted

To proof your “2-G” status you can use the NHS Covid app or the EU Covid Pass. Printed versions and medical certificates of vaccination or recovery are also accepted. If your certificate is not in English or German please download this form

Full vaccination 

  • Two-dose vaccinations are currently valid for 270 days after the second or any additional dose. There need to be at least 14 days in between the first and second jab and 120 days between the second and third one. 
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccination is valid for 270 days, 22 days after the first dose. Please note: From 3 January 2022, you need a booster if you have only received one Johnson & Johnson dose. 
  • If you are both vaccinated and recovered, the first dose is valid for 270 days. 
  • BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Covaxin, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinovac, and Sinopharm are valid for ENTERING Austria. 

Please note: Only BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are currently recognised for the “2-G” rule when in Austria. 

Proof of recovery

  • Proof of recovery can be used for 180 days to enter Austria. A medical certificate including the date of recovery is needed. Please note if travelling from the UK: An NHS email/text of a positive test is not sufficient.
  • If you have recently recovered, your PCR test might still turn positive. Therefore, if you have recovered within the past 90 days, you can use a medical certificate (including the date of recovery) as a substitute for the PCR test. Please fill out this form in English if this applies to you.


COVID test 

  • The PCR test is valid for 72 hours. The certificate needs to be issued by an official medical authority (such as a test centre or a pharmacy) and include the date and time the test was taken.
  • If you have already received your booster jab, you do not need a PCR test. 


When do you need a pre-travel-clearance?

  • Fully vaccinated and recovered travellers and their accompanying children do NOT need pre-travel clearance (except for virus variant regions). 
  • Pre-travel clearance is needed when entering with “2-G” status but without a PCR test or booster. 

Return journey from Austria

For information on the regulations in your home country for return travellers from Austria, please contact the respective national or local authorities. We expect a uniform EU-wide solution soon. At the moment, travelling back to most of all european countries from Austria is possible without any restrictions.

Aktuelle Information zur Rückreise nach Deutschland aus Österreich

 ⚠️ Deutschland stuft Österreich wieder als Hochrisikogebiet ein
      ab Sonntag, 16. Jänner

▶️ Das heißt, nicht geimpfte und nicht genesene deutsche Urlaubsrückkehrer und Personen, die aus Österreich einreisen, müssen ab Sonntag nach der Einreise in Deutschland in Quarantäne. Ein Freitesten aus der zehntägigen Quarantäne ist frühestens nach dem fünften Tag möglich.

▶️ Geimpfte und Genesene sind von der Quarantänepflicht ausgenommen. Sie müssen sich aber vor der Einreise digital anmelden und ihr Impf-oder Genesungszertifikat mitführen.

▶️ Einreisende sowie Reiserückkehrer aus Österreich müssen sich vorab über anmelden.

▶️ Ungeimpfte Kinder unter 6 Jahren sind von der Testnachweispflicht ausgenommen. Für sie endet die Quarantäne automatisch nach fünf Tagen (ohne Freitesten), unabhängig davon, welche Maßnahmen für die Eltern gelten.


A general 2G regulation applies throughout Austria to the greatest possible extent. We summarise the most important information here. Please note that all information on this page reflects, to the best of our knowledge, the current state of knowledge as of the last date of change indicated below.

Basic information and definition of the 2-G rule

  • The 2-G-regulation is fulfilled by anyone who has been vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine for the EU or has recovered and can prove this accordingly (green pass, etc.)
  • Vaccination certificates are generally valid for 270 days (this is expected to be shortened to 210 days from February 2022) from the date of full immunisation with an EMA-approved vaccine for the EU. Note: If only one dose of Janssen/Johnson&Johnson vaccine has been administered, this will no longer count as full immunisation from 3 January 2022.
  • Recovery certificates or official segregation notices are valid for 180 days. The expired infection must have been proven by molecular biology.
  • Recovered persons are considered vaccinated for 270 days from the date of first vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine for the purposes of the 2-G rule, provided that a positive molecular biology test for SARS-CoV-2 was available at least 21 days prior to vaccination or that evidence of neutralising antibodies (which must be shown together with the vaccination certificate in case of a 2G control) was already available at the time of vaccination.
  • Exception for people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and pregnant women: In this case, a medical certificate in combination with a negative PCR test (max. 72 hours old) is considered as proof.
  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated with non-EMA-approved vaccine (e.g. Sinopharm, Sputnik,...) only fulfil the 2-G regulation if they also present a single vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine in combination with evidence of neutralising antibodies.
  • A pure antibody test without proof of vaccination or infection is not considered 2G proof.
  • Children up to the age of 12 (before their 12th birthday) do not have to provide their own proof.
  • Children from the age of 12 (after their 12th birthday) must provide their own 2G-proof.

In which areas does the 2-G rule apply?

The 2-G regulation applies in practically all areas relevant to tourism, such as accommodation, gastronomy and ski lifts.


Where is there still a FFP2 mask obligation?

  • Over all, FFP2 masks must be worn all closed rooms
  • In skilifts there is an FFP2 mask obligation in addition to the 2-G rule
  • In restaurants, an FFP2 mask must be worn once guests are leaving their tables.

Mountain lifts - gondolas

The lift companies have implemented a comprehensive range of measures to ensure your safety. Please find info on detailed regulations regarding the use of ski lifts here: Safe Together in the ALPIN CARD Ticket Alliance

Regulations for employees

In Austria, there is currently a general 3G obligation in the workplace. This means that employees in all areas must either be vaccinated, recovered or tested negative for Sars-Cov-2.


(Booster) Vaccinations for guests

Guests can get vaccinated against Covid-19 on site in Saalbach Hinterglemm. For the local 2G regulation, the vaccination card or the entry in the analogue vaccination passport is sufficient. However, the entry in the green passport would then have to be made by the family doctor in the respective country of origin. We recommend clarifying this with the respective GP in advance to ensure that any vaccination on holiday is actually recognised and can be entered accordingly in the national vaccination certificate.


Furthermore, guests can undergo a PCR test quickly, easily and inexpensively or free of charge at the following places. 

  • DDr. Reinhard Lanzinger in Hinterglemm +4365417878
    Vaccinations and PCR tests are available at any time during surgery times without prior appointment and during special surgery times by prior appointment by telephone. Vaccinations cost 25 euros.
  • Dr. Karl Schnell & Dr. Hermann Schnell in Saalbach +4365416287
    Vaccinations and PCR tests are available at any time during surgery times by appointment. Vaccinations cost 25 euros.
  • Pharmacy Saalbach +4365416282
    PCR tests are possible at any time during opening hours and without prior appointment.
  • Test lanes of the province of Salzburg - registration and appointment booking at

Our request to you!

Please note and follow our code of conduct and enjoy your holiday in Saalbach Hinterglemm! We are continuously evaluating the situation and adapting our code of conduct with regard to any changing legal or official requirements. . Booking & arrival Until further notice, we have adjusted the cancellation conditions for winter 2021/2022 to the current situation. Should the Covid-19 pandemic lead to local or personal travel restrictions (such as quarantine or entry bans into Austria), no cancellation fees will apply. In general, we ask you to arrive healthy.

Check-in - reception
At the reception we have adapted to the new situation. In order to shorten waiting times, we ask our guests to send us the information for the check-in by email prior to arrival. We need your first name, last name, date of birth and the exact address and telephone number. Please also note the FFP2 mask requirement here.

Riding stables
We ask you to keep your distance in the riding stables and to use the disinfectant.

Hygiene in the room
Our housekeeping team works with cleaning agents that contain disinfectants. The laundry is washed by a professional company in accordance with strict hygiene regulations.

We are very pleased that we can continue to offer you the usual variety at the buffet & creativity from the kitchen in compliance with the new requirements. We ask you to go to the buffet in families and to wait a moment when other guests are at the buffet. Please also note the FFP2 mask requirement here.

Wellness area
Our spacious wellness area offers a lot of space and freedom and is open provided that the minimum distance and the maximum number of people allowed as well as the official requirements are observed. We continue to offer you the sauna in compliance with the new hygiene and safety rules.

Activity program
The activity program takes place in small groups in compliance with the minimum distance and the maximum number of people allowed, as well as the official requirements.

Hygiene measures
Our cleaning and disinfection plan was coordinated on the basis of the current hygiene guidelines of the Austrian Hotel Association.
• Disinfection racks are distributed in sensible places throughout the house
• All rooms are also regularly disinfected.
• All door handles are also disinfected on a regular basis.
• All cleaning agents contain disinfectants.

The Altachhof team Our employees are all fully vaccinated and regularly subjected to Covid-19 tests. Suppliers Behind the scenes and for our suppliers, the same rules of conduct and hygiene apply.

Subject to changes!